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If you’ve ever treated your dog with Greenies, the chewy, edible toothbrush for dogs, you probably couldn’t have stopped because of how much your dog enjoys them. But what makes Greenies such a likable dental product among dogs?

So, why do dogs like Greenies so much? Dogs go crazy for Greenies because:

  • They are not damaging to the gums like traditional dental care products for dogs.
  • Greenies can be perfectly adjusted to the dogs needs depending on its size.
  • There are many different flavors that dogs enjoy.

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In order to fully understand why dogs like Greenies so much, however, we first need to know what it is supposed to do. Let’s get right into it!

The Mechanics

The mechanics behind Greenies is quite simple as its methods follow those of traditional dental products for dogs:

  • The dog would bite into the treat that is designed not to stick onto their teeth.
  • As the surface of the product scratches across the dog’s teeth, it removes plaques and other residue in the dog’s mouth.
  • Greenies, with its soft, chewy texture, does exactly this except they are better able to morph into the size necessary to fully clean out the teeth.

4 Reasons Why Dogs Like Greenies So Much

1. Not Hard On The Gums

As mentioned above, the main selling point for Greenies is how chewy the product is. This is especially important because dogs would much rather have chewy toothbrushes than hard, brittle ones that they’re used to using.

For example, the traditional bone-shaped dental product for dogs never makes for a pleasant cleaning experience. It’s just like how those with weaker gums and weaker teeth tend to prefer the softer texture over harder ones.

Whenever dogs use those hard products, it agitates their gums as they bite into them with such force. Though it is said to soften up over time, before the product is soft is when dogs experience all the pain.

Once the product is soft enough to do its job, dogs lose interest and, in worse cases, avoid such dental products. If your dog has a bad first experience with edible toothbrushes, this is especially terrible because it will start to develop an unhealthy habit of refusing to clean its teeth.

For this reason, dogs that experienced hard, brittle snacks would be opening the doors up to a whole new world with Greenies.

Not only is this treat chewy, making for a very fun eating experience for them, the treat is based on wheat and is very soft. They get to chew on something for long durations of time without having their gums agitated or teeth aching from chewing something hard.

For this reason, Greenies tends to be the more popular option: it hurts less and it’s more fun for dogs to chew.

2. Flavors

If dogs have been chewing on the traditional dental product for fun, Greenies can provide both taste and fun! There are so many different flavors and variations that you can choose from the official Greenies store.

As for flavors, they have pumpkin spice, blueberry, the original, minty scent, and gingerbread. Already, this wide range of variety helps your dog stay interested in the product and the tooth cleaning experience in general.

We recommend mixing it up for your companion every once in a while as it would help them be more obedient when it comes to having to clean their teeth.

Because most dogs suffer from oral problems before the age of three, getting into the habit of keeping their teeth clean is especially important for younger dogs. A diverse array of flavors will help you and your dog out with that!

3. Pill Pockets

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If your dog isn’t too into the edible, chewy brush idea and you still have to take care of your dog’s dental health, there are pill pockets that serve a similar function!

In fact, because they have chicken flavors available, it’s great for dogs that love to eat meat. With this, they don’t have to chew as long as they have to on the toothbrush products while getting all the necessary nutrition to maintain oral health.

This one is also chewy and soft, making sure that the gum stays protected at all costs!

4. Greenies Breath Buster Bites

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Finally, there are bites that are more like biscuits. Greenies Bites are more specialized for getting rid of bad breath which also means killing the bacteria that is inside of your dog’s mouth.

Behaving like a mint, it’s good as a chemical treatment, but it doesn’t do as much for scraping off plaques. However, you do have this option if your dog just refuses to do anything for its dental health!

As such, the variations made available for dogs by Greenies is another reason why Greenies is such a loved brand by both owners and their pets.

Your Role as the “Giver of Greenies”

Now, no matter how much your dog loves Greenies, there are some precautionary measures that you must take before you go ahead and hand the tasty products off to your dog.

In fact, the Greenies official website sent out an official statement going over the necessary steps that must be taken before, during, and after the eating experience!

1. Chew Well

First and foremost, make sure your dog chews properly before it swallows.

Though this isn’t much of a concern for the Pill Pockets or the Bites as they are designed to be eaten quickly, the toothbrush model isn’t supposed to be gobbled up immediately.

Instead, the dog must chew on it for a long time. After all, that’s how the product works: your dog chews on the toothbrush as the toothbrush scrapes off plaques and residue stuck in your dog’s teeth.

Therefore, the more your dog chews, the more you will be able to get out of using their product.

Moreover, a prolonged eating experience makes sure that your dog doesn’t choke on the product. Because it’s difficult to rip apart, some impatient dogs that are too hungry will likely try to swallow a piece that is too large in comparison to their throats.

To avoid such problems, we recommend that Greenies is only used as a quick snack right after a meal. This way, not only will you be able to wash out your dog’s mouth as soon as possible, but you will also make sure that your dog is not going to swallow pieces too quickly.

The whole point of having a chewy treat is to make sure that it enjoys the experience of chewing on the product!

2. Provide Correct Portions

It’s also imperative that you feed the right portions for your dogs.

According to Greenies, it’s not very healthy for dogs to eat more than one toothbrush. Though there shouldn’t be any severe intestinal issues, your dog’s digestive system might be surprised to see such high levels of carbohydrates in your dog’s body.

Of course, this isn’t as severe as choking as a result of hasty eating, but we recommend that you follow the guidelines established by the company itself.

Related Questions

What kind of health benefits does Greenies provide?

Greenies is known to be nutritious in many different departments. It’s high in carbohydrates (which, in the right amounts, help with your dog’s energy levels) and vitamins!

Which Greenies product is the best?

In our opinion, the toothbrush is the best option if your dog is willing to use it. It’s high in vitamin and is capable of doing a good job scraping off plaque.

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