About Dog Breeds List

Hey I'm Cedric Balderas, and to borrow from pop culture: I'm just here to pet all the dogs.

My unhealthy dog breed obsession started with this little guy. His name was Cash (big Johnny Cash fan) and he was a ________.

Can you guess his breed? I'll give you a minute...




About Dog Breeds List

Did you guess Norwegian Elkhound? Liar. 😉

I was fresh out of college, making a few bucks, on top of the world, and knew that my second big purchase was absolutely going to be a dog.

I knew that I didn't want a Lab (because popular), so I set out to find my "perfect" dog. And researching breeds consisted exactly of this:

Searching the newspaper. "Wait, how old did you say you were?!" (your thoughts, probably)

Btw, this is a foolhardy way to choose an animal anything that you will be spending the next ~10 years of your life with.

Fast forward a decade or so, add in a better half, a few new babies (some with fur, some without) and the party is in full swing.

The Original Party Dogs

My pre-family dogs are wondering what the hell happened?!

They went from being my everything to whatever I had left (after soccer, swim lessons, date night, yada-yada).