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What Does Your Dog Need?

Choosing the best food for your dog breed boils down to choosing the kibble with the best combination of high quality protein, fat, and essential nutrients.

On average, healthy adult dogs need foods with:

  • 18% Protein Content
  • 9-15% Fat Content

Keep in mind that these are minimum estimates (and I might even argue extreme minimums).

The breed of your dog, life stage (puppy, adult, best senior dog food), and size (small dog breeds, medium, large dog breeds) can mean they require much more than the minimum, so it’s worth it to investigate what your specific dog requires.

To determine which food has the best quality and quantity of these ingredients, you’ll have to look in a couple places:

  1. The ingredient list.
  2. The guaranteed analysis.

General rules when reading the dog food ingredient list are:

  • Avoid foods with generic sounding ingredients (“animal fat”, “meat meal”, or some meaty “by-product”)
  • Immediately throw foods with the preservatives BHA, BHT, propylene glycol, TBHQ, propyl gallate, or ethoxyquin out the nearest window, because that shit is toxic.
  • If you come across artificial sweeteners (a.k.a. the sweet, sugary stuff) like corn-syrup or sorbitol, sigh loudly as you place the bag back on its shelf. Why in the hell does your dog need sweets?
  • A high protein source needs to be the first or second ingredient and the first five ingredients need to be wholesome.
  • Choose foods low in carbohydrates, because your dog flat out doesn’t need them.

You’ll also notice that all foods have a guaranteed analysis as required by law, which is basically the dog form of nutrition facts.

However, the way they calculate the guaranteed analysis is pretty convoluted and requires some math to get actual amounts of nutrients within the food.

An extremely comprehensive review of how to interpret and understand the ingredient and guaranteed analysis components of dog foods can be found here.

Best for Most Dogs

Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food With...

  • The Taste of the Wild ancient stream; with smoked salmon; real fish is the 1st ingredient; high quality and protein rich for Lean, Strong Muscles

Best Dog Food in the World?

ORIJEN Dry Dog Food for All ages,...

  • ORIJEN Original dog food delivers a diet rich and varied in fresh, whole animal ingredients from free-run chicken and turkey, wild-caught fish, and cage-free eggs

Best for Puppies


  • Contains one (1) 5 lb. bag of NUTRO NATURAL CHOICE Puppy Dry Dog Food, Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe for puppies up to 1 year old; real chicken is the #1 ingredient

Best Grain Free

Wellness Core 4 Pack of Marrow Roasts, 8...

  • 4 8-ounce bags of Savory Turkey Marrow Roasts treats

Best Cheap Dog Food

Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Recipe Dry...

  • (1) 25.0 pounds Bag - Whole Earth Farms Grain Free Dry Dog Food Pork, Beef & Lamb Recipe