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My dog loves Greenies. He would eat them all day if I let him! I like seeing him happy, but I don’t want to be a bad pet parent by giving him too many! I dug a bit deeper to find out how many Greenies a dog can have a day. Here’s what I found…

So, how many Greenies can a dog have a day? One regular size treat per day (per Greenies feeding guidelines). These guidelines apply to dogs that weigh 25-50 pounds. If your dog weighs less than this, this size of dental treat is not suitable. Also, experts say Greenies are not suitable for puppies until they are over the age of 6 months.

Greenies dental treats come in different sizes. When giving your dog one dental treat a day, it is important to make sure you pick the right size treat.

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Vets say that one Greenies Dental Treat per day is an excellent addition to your dog’s dental health routine. They say you should also clean your dog’s teeth regularly and visit the vet for dental checkups at least once a year.

How Many Greenies Can a Dog Have in One Day?

how many greenies can a dog have in one day

The manufacturers of Greenies Dental Treats say you should give your dog a Greenie once a day. They say that daily dental treats can help to freshen your dog’s breath.

They also reduce the buildup of plaque and tartar on the teeth. Studies show that one Greenie Dental Treat a day reduces tartar buildup by 69% and plaque buildup by 10.5%.

Dog owners have different opinions about how many dental treats to feed their dogs:

  • Some give their pet a dental treat once or twice a week.
  • Some owners say that Greenies are too expensive to give to their dog more than once a week.
  • The most any owner says they give their dog is two Greenies a day.
  • But most owners choose to give their pet one Greenie a day, as the instructions on the packet recommend.
  • Some choose to give their dog a dental treat at night, as though brushing their teeth before bed. Many owners recognize that Greenies keep their dog’s breath fresh.
  • Owners also find that most dogs love them, so they are a worthwhile treat to use on a regular basis.

Greenies are not recommended if your dog suffers from allergies or hypersensitivity.

How Many Greenies Can a Small Dog Have a Day?

We ecommend feeding one Greenies Dental Treat a day to all sizes of dog.

If you have a small dog, you should choose a smaller dental treat:

  • ‘Petite’ Greenies are good for dogs that weigh 15-25 pounds.
  • And ‘Teenie’ Greenies are the perfect size for dogs that weigh 5-15 pounds.
  • Greenie’s Lil’Bits are safe treats for puppies under 6 months and dogs under 10 pounds.

Greenies Lil’Bits have different feeding instructions. Owners measure out these treats on a teaspoon and sprinkle them over the dog’s food. The feeding directions say a dog can have these treats 1-2 times a day.

As with the other Greenies Dental Treats, though, it is important not to give too much. (Dogs can have one teaspoon per three 3 pounds.) It is also recommended that owners reduce this amount if they have concerns about their dog’s weight.

The American College of Veterinary Internal Medicine (ACIVM) has experienced some health problems. They reported 30 cases of esophageal blockages as a result of eating Greenies. The majority of these cases have been in smaller breeds.

Greenies have also caused teeth fractures in smaller dogs. It is essential to follow the instructions on the packet. The treats specify the size of the dog, as well as the recommended number of treats per day. If you feed a large treat to your small dog, this could cause health problems or even death. This is because the treat could be too hard to chew and digest.

Are Too Many Greenies Bad for Dogs?

Greenies come in three flavors. Dogs love them, so it is tempting to give them more than one a day. But too many Greenies can be bad for dogs.

Greenies work to clean your dog’s teeth. They have a unique shape and texture, so they scrub your dog’s teeth while he is chewing. But the problem is, they are so enjoyable for dogs that this can actually be a bad thing!

Greenies are large treats that should take some time to eat. But, many dogs eat them so quickly that they miss out on the dental benefits.

If Greenies Dental Treats get swallowed rather than chewed, the dog’s teeth do not get scrubbed clean. When Greenies are not fully chewed, there is a danger that your dog could suffer blockages.

To reduce these dangers, it is important to give your dog fresh water and watch him while he is eating.

Greenies had some bad press when 13 dogs reportedly died from eating Greenies. This was due to intestinal blockages caused by undigested dental treats.

These dangers are common in all large chewable treats. This has nothing to do with exceeding the recommended number of treats per day. The danger comes when a dog bolts his treat without chewing. To combat this, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with your dog’s eating habits.

Greenies have now developed a new formula, so the treats are safer. The dental treats are now more easily digested. Although they still have the same chewable texture that keeps dog’s mouths fresh and clean.    

If a dog eats too many Greenies per day, he may be eating too many calories.

Some vets say that dental treats can contain 15-70% of your dog’s recommended daily calorie intake. This can be bad for your dog in one of two ways:

  1. If you give your dog a high-calorie dental treat on top of their daily diet, they will gain weight.
  2. If you feed your dog less food to compensate for the calories in the treat, they may miss out on vital nutrients. Dental treats do contain some vitamins, but a good dog food provides a much more balanced diet.    

Related Questions

Can I cut Greenies in half to make them last longer?

No. Even though it may be tempting to cut costs by cutting the treat in half, we do not recommend it. Greenies come in different sizes according to the weight of your dog. The size of each dental treat has been specially made for this size of dog. To feed only half a treat could cause your dog to swallow it whole. This could lead to choking and intestinal blockages.

If I give my dog one Greenies treat per day, do I still have to brush his teeth?

Yes. Vets say that it is important to take your dog to the vet to have his teeth cleaned by an expert. This procedure is very thorough. Once a year, your vet will assess your pet’s teeth and gums. If there are any potential problems, your vet can offer treatment. Also, a vet has the training and equipment to give your dog’s teeth a proper clean. Giving your pet a dental treat once a day can help with plaque, tartar and bad breath. But Greenies are only one part of a healthy dental routine.

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