Purebred Dog Breeds

Whippet drawing by Dog Breeds List


Some call it the Whippet, others the poor man’s race horse.

Created in England, this dog is built for speed.

Taking the best aspects of the Greyhound and combining them with…

Yorkshire Terrier drawing by Dog Breeds List

Yorkshire Terrier

The Yorkshire Terrier is a huge fan-favorite. The 10th most popular dog in the U.S., to be exact.

These elegant pups don’t hesitate to flaunt their gorgeous silky coat.

But beauty isn’t all a Yorkie has. He’s also got a terrier-ish taste for adventure.

Plus, he sometimes sounds like a…

Pomeranian drawing by Dog Breeds List


The 3-7 pound Pomeranian wasn’t always small. In fact, they used to be 30-pound sled dogs.

But I use the phrase “used to be” loosely, since it’s possible to find a 30-pound Pomeranian today.

That’s because modern Poms still carry the…

Poodle drawing by Dog Breeds List


What do you think of when you hear the word “poodle”? You may think of poodle skirts, of fancy Paris streets, or of a silly-looking dog with pom-poms. And while perhaps related, these things by no means define the Poodle dog breed. While funny, these unfortunate stereotypes can cause some potential dog owners to pass…

Pug dog drawing by Dog Breeds List


Pugs have a HUUUUGE personality, unlimited affection, and an impressive historical background.

And they’ve been able to maintain their popularity throughout millennia.

If you’re considering owning a Pug, you won’t simply be getting a pet.

You’ll be getting a…

Rottweiler drawing by Dog Breeds List


Originally from Rome & bred to perfection in Germany, Rottweilers have intimidating looks, but hearts of gold.

Are Rotties the perfect dog breed for your family?

Saint Bernard drawing by Dog Breeds List

Saint Bernard

The iconic image of the Saint Bernard shows a big, saggy dog sporting a barrel of booze on his collar.

Sorry to disappoint, but the barrel collar was never actually a thing.

It was simply a mis…

Samoyed drawing


Samoyeds are gentle giants with friendly smiles and fluffy white coats. They’re kind, loyal, and one of the most dependable dog breeds by nature yet their bodies are sturdy and able to do some heavy work. Spoiler Alert: Despite their cuteness and positive characteristics, Samoyeds aren’t for everyone. Samoyeds aren’t just pets. They are another…

Scottish Terrier drawing by Dog Breeds List

Scottish Terrier

Even if you don’t know a lot about Scottish Terriers, chances are you already have a pretty good mental image of this feisty little terrier.

The Scottish Terrier, or Scottie for short, is a popular and iconic breed.

With his long beard, short legs, and scruffy appearance, how could you not…

Shetland Sheepdog drawing by Dog Breeds List

Shetland Sheepdog

Let’s clear something up:

Lassie was a Collie, not a Shetland Sheepdog. And yes, the two are different.

Sure, they’re both fluffy and have wedge-shaped heads. But the Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie, is about half the size of his Collie cousin.

Smaller doesn’t mean dumber, though.

In fact, the smaller Sheltie is the…