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When you’re adding a new Husky puppy to the family there are a lot of things you need to learn. Each breed will have its own ‘puppy timelines’, from teething to potty training to shedding and so much more. Knowing when do Huskies shed their puppy coat (and how to care for it) is key to a happy, healthy Husky pup and smart owner.

When do Huskies shed their puppy coat? Husky puppies will shed their coat entirely between 10 and 14 months of age. Husky puppy coats should be brushed weekly to remain strong and healthy, but they should never be trimmed or shaved.

We’re going to breakdown the ins and outs of Husky puppy coats, from the timeline of their fur growing and shedding and how to properly take care of it.

When do Husky Puppies Shed Their Coat?

Every puppy owner needs to know when their bundle of joy might start shedding.

Having this type of knowledge will make sure there are no surprises and you can start preparing for the overload of fur all over the floor beforehand. It will also give you some insight on how your Husky puppy is developing, making sure it’s at a normal rate.

A Husky puppy will start to grow fur in his first few weeks of life. It will likely grow in patches, with bits and pieces of fur growing around his face, then to his legs. At the end of their initial coat growth, your Husky should look like a big giant furball.

(Great for cuddling because it’s probably one of the cutest things you will see in your lifetime.)

However, the Husky puppy’s original coat will likely start to shed around 10 months old.

You will begin to notice clumps of fur around the home, and there will be obvious areas of missing hair on your Husky. The entire process should be completed by around 14 months.

Is Shedding Normal?

You will be happy to know that shedding of the original puppy coat is completely normal for a Husky.

The Husky puppy must get rid of his original coat to make room for the adult coat and ‘guard hairs’ that so trademark the Husky breed.

Of course, seeing your Husky puppy without almost any hair might be a little bit frightening at first.

The puppy may appear gawky and unhealthy, but don’t panic. Shedding is a completely natural process for the Husky puppy and he will begin growing in his new coat immediately.

Does a Husky Only Shed Once in His Lifetime?

All Husky owners can agree that they wish their Husky only shed their fur once in a lifetime.

But the simple fact is that the Huskies are almost guaranteed to shed their fur once a year when the warmer seasons of spring and summer start to roll around. Of course, there is the rare breed that won’t shed, but that’s not typical and is completely dependent on their environment.

To put it simply, Huskies are bound to shed at least once a year. However, there are some that will shed twice a year. Again, this will depend on the dog and also the environment in which they are living.

Whether they shed once or twice a year, one thing to keep in mind is Huskies shed a lot. If you can think about how much fur was dropped when he shed his original coat, times it by a hundred.

It takes a lot of work and effort to keep your home clean when you have a Husky. During the shedding period you will see furballs and loose strands of hair across the floor, so making sure you’re on top of cleaning your home and grooming your pet is an absolute must.

How to Care for Husky Puppy Coats

If it’s just going to shed before they are a year old, is there any reason to take care of the Husky puppy’s original coat?


To avoid potential problems like matting of the hair or dirt, grime, and bugs finding their way to the skin and upsetting your puppy, you need to care for your Husky puppy’s coat.

It’s really easy to take for their coat: all you need to do is make sure you are brushing their coat at least once a week. Get a good thorough brushing done.

This will ensure that the hair is clean and sleek for the puppy, which means he will remain happy and healthy throughout his puppy journey.

Here are a few extra tips and tricks on caring for Husky coats (before and after puppy-hood):

1. Never trim or shave off a Husky’s coat

Whether you’re dealing with an adult or a grownup Husky, one big rule of thumb is to never touch their coat with a pair of scissors or razors. Trimming or shaving a Husky’s coat can actually cause a whole lot of damage to the skin as they lose their protection.

2. Huskies don’t need to be bathed often

Of course, you’re okay to hose him off in the backyard if he gets covered in dirt and mud, but an actual bath consisting of shampoos and soaps should only be done once or twice a year.

Most Husky owners will do it after shedding.

(This is a good time to give your puppy an actual bath, too.)

3. Use a wide-toothed comb with rounded teeth

This is the best type of comb to use with Huskies because it won’t hurt them or irritate their skin while still allowing for proper Husky grooming that removes loose hairs.

4. The bigger the Husky, the more shed hair

This is just something a Husky owner should know:

The bigger the Husky the more cleaning and grooming you’re going to have to do.

5. Begin grooming at a young age to help him learn the routine

If you start grooming your Husky when he’s just a wee pup, he will get into a regular routine of grooming and won’t be bothered by it as he grows older.

Related Questions

How do you minimize Husky shedding?

First and foremost you should take your Husky to the vet if he isn’t shedding properly, or is shedding too much. Sometimes it can be due to an underlying issue or illness. Once cleared, consider changing your Husky’s food to a more high-quality product. A lot of Huskies will shed excessively because of food allergies.

You can also groom your Husky more often, and bathe him using a mild shampoo. Rinse her coat off very well and do a thorough combing to get rid of any excessive hair. Continue to comb her every day until the excessive shedding lights up.

Why is my Husky not shedding?

If your puppy is taking a little bit longer to shed, don’t worry. Every dog is different and some puppies may simply take a longer amount of time to shed their original coat. Wait until at least the 2-year mark before you get too concerned.

Do not shave the Husky puppy’s original coat to speed up the process. It’s a natural process and trying to interfere can cause problems for your Husky.

Older Huskies that aren’t shedding may need to get checked by the vet to ensure there are no underlying problems. Once cleared, it may simply be the fact that they don’t need to shed because the environment is working with their coat.

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