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Before I give you the absolute safest and best places to find Siberian Husky puppies for sale, I need to let you in on a little secret. So instead of jumping headfirst into this whole #INEEDAHUSKYPUPPYNOW thing, let’s start at the bottom.

More detail below in the Siberian Husky puppies for sale section, I promise. …but first we want to run you through the wringer to make sure you’re really ready.


This, you need to know, is said by John Woods, a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers:

“A Siberian Husky puppy can be a terror to have in the home during their first few months”.

– John Woods

Aaron, lifetime Husky owner on his website:

“Huskies would have to be one of the most stubborn dog breeds going around”.

Melissa Sanders, author of the book Siberian Husky Savvy (also a website):

“Siberian Huskies have distinct behavior patterns and (that) if these aren’t acknowledged, taken into account and dealt with in the right way, a Siberian Husky can quickly become a stubborn, destructive and hostile pet”.

– Siberian Husky Saavy

Now, this may be a strange way to introduce an article about Siberian Husky puppies…but if you are considering getting one, you need to know the bad news first!

17 Best Places to Find Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale 2024

There so many “wrong” places to get a Siberian Husky puppy. Here are the “right” places to find a Husky pup:

  1. Siberian Husky Club of America:
    • Referral directory
    • Area clubs
  2. American Kennel Club Puppyfinder Marketplace
  3. Siberian Husky country clubs exist all over the world
  4. Online Siberian Husky forums
  5. Siberian Husky Facebook groups
  6. Adopt from your local Humane Society

Ok, that’s the teaser.

You can’t buy a puppy from all, but these are the best places to “dig”. Keep reading below to find links and contact information for each place above.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of discouraging you from getting a Siberian Husky!

14 Reasons Why it is a Very Bad Idea to Get a Siberian Husky Puppy

Reasons not to get a Siberian Husky puppy
Behold, the Siberian Husky escape artist!

You probably think you have made up your mind – the decision is final – it’s a Siberian Husky you want, and that’s the end of it. The thing is, do you know and accept what it is you are taking on? Huskies are unlike any other dogs. They are not wolves either. They are unique and they are very, very hard work! 

If you tick any of the statements below, then you should seriously reconsider the kind of pup (that will grow into a big dog, remember) that you want.

  1. You live in a place where the temperature is very hot rather than very cold. Like in Morocco…Hint: there’s a reason why the word Siberia occurs in its name!
  2. You have never owned a dog before and/or you did not grow up with dogs.
  3. A dog to you is an addition to the household that is there somewhere in the background. It certainly should not demand your attention for more than a few minutes a day.
  4. Training a dog for you is a quick effort shouting Sit! Come! Go! and expecting to be obeyed. If it does not, you’ll show it who’s the boss.
  5. You think any dog is naturally a guard dog and will bark or alert you in some way if there is someone strange entering your space or even if someone is just ringing the doorbell.
  6. Howling or whining dogs set your teeth on edge and make you lose your cool. Even if you cannot hear it outside the room where the dog is.
  7. You already have another smallish pet or pets – small dog, cat, hamster, rabbit, chickens, ducks, and so on. Or you adore the squirrels hopping about on your lawn.
  8. You have a beautifully manicured garden with every flowerbed, shrub, and tree in its place and cared for. The thought of holes dug every day all over the garden is unacceptable.
  9. You have a cute little wooden picket fence around your yard. In fact, you think fences and walls make a yard look like a prison and you are never going to spoil your place with anything like that.
  10. You are not an active person, not really the outdoorsy type. You think exercising the dog means a quick 15 minute walk around the block every now and again.
  11. You value your physical possessions a lot. Your furniture, scatter cushions, curtains, table cloths, couch throws, and so on make your home beautiful and you burst into tears when it gets scratched, torn, dirty, or worse…
  12. Housework is a chore that you do not enjoy – especially vacuuming every day and cleaning fur off furniture several times a day. Even worse, you are a compulsive house cleaner and you do not let up unless your house is immaculate.
  13. You have not heard of the expression “blowing its coat” and you do not believe that it is really necessary to spend hours grooming a dog. Almost every day.
  14. You’re getting a dog because the kids won’t stop nagging or because all your friends are getting dogs.

If none of the above applies to you, then maybe you are ready for a Siberian Husky pup.

Buying a Siberian Husky Puppy

Siberian Husky puppies for sale 2024

Please buy from a reputable breeder. Here’s how to grill Siberian Husky breeders.

Do not buy from a pet shop!

Do not buy from a backyard breeder AKA “puppy farm” AKA “puppy mill”.

1. Adopt, Don’t Shop

Please consider adoption!

Consider the hundreds (yes, hundreds) of Siberian Huskies that are abandoned.

The main reason for abandoned Huskies, when you speak to the people in charge of shelters and animal rescue societies, is that most owners simply can’t cope. They also thought they knew what they were getting and their overconfidence results in dogs pining away in cages in shelters.

So be honest about your ability to give a Siberian Husky what it needs, which is more than just food, water, and the occasional stroll down the lane.

And if you are determined, also consider adopting one of the many abandoned adult Huskies. They need a home even more than a fluffy darling puppy.

Click here to see humane societies near you.

2. Siberian Husky Club of America

The best place to start is the Siberian Husky Club of America (SHCA).

Here you will find info about the breed, events, and also a list of breeder members. These breeders adhere to the strict ethical code of the club and can be trusted to tick all the boxes for reputability and responsibility.

The list contains breeders from almost every state in the US, as well as some from Canada and Italy.

3. Area Clubs

The next best place to source a puppy are the Siberian Husky Area Clubs all over the country.


  • They know the reputable breeders and they know the charlatans
  • They can give you advice
  • Steer you away from the criminals
  • Help you in many ways that you will only appreciate when it happens

If they are near to you, you can scoot over and meet some of the dogs and pups.

Owners are usually very willing to share with you their experience with breeders and with the particular dogs that they own. These clubs do not necessarily have websites, but here is a list with contact information for Siberian Husky clubs across the US.

4. AKC Marketplace

A very reliable source is the American Kennel Club (AKC) Puppyfinder.

They also have a service called AKC PuppyVisor which will give you guidance through the whole process of finding a breeder, finding a pup, preparing for the pup, and much more.

For a small fee of course. 🙂

5. Worldwide Siberian Husky Clubs

Not in the USA? Siberian Husky Clubs exist all over the world:

In any country, you can try a Kennel Club if there is no Siberian Husky Club. The Kennel Clubs usually organize shows and events and offer a breed registration service.

Their officers will know if there are any Siberian Husky enthusiasts and will be able to point you to a reputable breeder if any.

6. Siberian Husky Facebook Groups

The best way to go about finding a breeder who you can trust is to ask around.

Join Facebook Siberian Husky Groups and Husky Clubs to spend time with dogs and puppies and ask the owners where they got theirs (and if they would get their next one from the same breeder).

Simply search Siberian Husky club near me on Facebook. The mighty FB machine won’t let you sell on these groups, but you can seriously ask any question under the sun and their local meetups are pure gold.

Siberian Husky Puppy Needs

It is best to be prepared before you bring your Siberian Husky puppy home. They have the usual puppy dog needs (like having to wee quite often…) as well as some that you may not anticipate.

Here’s a list of what you have to provide or have at hand:

  • Telephone number and address of the vet you intend to use for your dog. Why is this no. 1 on the list? Because it is so easy to forget about and if your pup has a sudden emergency (choking, retching, getting stuck, hurting itself in some way) then you don’t want to be running around in a panic trying to find a vet or animal hospital number.
  • Pet first aid kit. If needs be, you can treat minor injuries and even emergencies like poisoning immediately if you have a pet first aid kit with the essential items.
  • Suitable carrier in which to bring your pup home and that you will use when you take it to the vet in the future. Surely cradling the pup in your or your kids’ arms is ok for the first journey? No, it’s not. When (notice – not “if” – “when”) it gets loose, whether in the car or when you have stopped at home, you will realize why you should have gotten a carrier. It could be too late.
  • Metal food and water bowls. Many dogs seem to be allergic to plastic bowls these days. Better to get metal or ceramic from the start. Just remember that water in a metal bowl left outside in sub-zero weather will give the dog ice instead of water. And it will try to lick it, with potentially very painful tongue tearing.
  • Puppy food. Not just any old thing you pick up at the local supermarket. The best is to check with the breeder where you get your pup what food they have been feeding him. Get the same food, at least for a start. With everything being strange and new, it will be comforted if it recognizes the food it is offered. Thereafter you can buy the food that you have researched and determined is the best for your pup.
  • Puppy treats. While you should go easy on the treats to avoid the pup getting too fat it is still great to be able to give it a healthy treat. Start with good ones that will supplement its nutrition because it is made with top-quality ingredients! Also, consider getting different treats for training (easy to eat) and for keeping it occupied (chewy).
  • Puppy toys. This is very, very important because the Siberian Husky needs a lot of mental stimulation. If it does not get it, it will amuse itself by chewing on anything and everything that catches its interest. There are many puzzle toys on the market but you can also play puzzle games with your pup. This is fun for both of you and aids in the socialization of the puppy. Chew toys must be durable and appropriate for the puppy’s size. It will start teething at around 8 weeks – just when you are getting it from the breeder – and can carry on till age 8 months. That’s a lot of chewing!
  • Leash, collar, and perhaps harness. It may be easy to pick up the puppy when it is small and running off somewhere it shouldn’t. So you may not think these items are a priority. Think again! The puppy will grow into a size that you can not control very quickly and outrun you very soon. Most trainers and dog experts recommend that you get it used to the leash, collar, and harness as soon as possible. The American Kennel Club (AKC) has a good guide on how to train your puppy to like a leash and collar! Owners complain that Huskies are untrainable. That is not true, but you have to start very early. Get it used to these items and training will be that little bit easier.
  • ID tags for the collar. Huskies can run for a long time and they are very inquisitive. A perfect recipe for your dog to get lost. When a Siberian Husky chases something they lose all sight of their surroundings. They will run for miles after something that they want to catch or that interests them. Stories abound of Huskies who have gotten themselves lost like this. At least if it has a tag it may be found and returned to you.
  • Poop scoop, bags, and bin (never mix puppy poop and house waste). Until you have trained your pup to do its business outside, you are going to have to do some cleaning around the house. In addition, most parks and public open spaces require you to remove your pup’s poop. And since you will be walking your pup for quite some time every day, your poop utensils are a must.
  • Stain and odor removing cleaners. Although it may have been trained by the breeder not to pee and poo wherever it wants, your home is a completely new environment. It is going to take a while before it learns where to go and accidents will happen. Be prepared and try to clean as quickly as possible after the event. And don’t spank it! Teaching Siberian Huskies require a soft touch or you will get the opposite of what you want. 
  • Puppy gates or baby gates. Have you decided that there are rooms of places in rooms where the puppy should not be allowed? How are you going to keep it out? Simply closing a door is not always feasible. Here’s a great idea: in order to keep an eye on your puppy, it is advisable to build a kind of playpen for it that is easily movable. This way it can always be at the center of activity – very important if you want to prevent it howling for attention – and still know where it is and what it’s doing. Of course, the “pen” must be large enough for it to run and play in, with food, water, a blanket, and its toys.
  • Puppy bed. Where is your pup going to sleep? With you on the bed? He’s soooo cuuuutteeee! And when he grows up and can’t fit on the bed anymore? Or if he keeps you awake so much that you can not get enough sleep yourself, where is he going to go? Think about these things. You may want him to sleep outside. Yeah, well, it’s not impossible, especially if your pup has a companion. But really, he wants to be with you in the house. Get him his own bed and blanket and a place that’s his to sleep. It must be his sanctuary and safe place at all times, so close it off if possible.
  • Blanket (machine washable) and spare towels. Blankets are not just for warmth but also to play with. Keep it in mind when you buy it so get a blanket that is unshreddable. The last thing you want is a puppy choking on a piece of blanket. And a dog should have its own towels for those fun days when you give it a bath or it had a good swim!
  • Grooming tools. Since you have done a lot of research before getting your Siberian Husky (ahem) you know that it needs a lot of grooming. This is another thing that it needs to get used to as soon as possible i.e. before its first big shed. A puppy that is desensitized to grooming is so much easier to handle when it is grown. Initially, you will need something that will not hurt your pup’s delicate skin. A pin and bristle combo is a good choice. You use the brush side to gently brush its fur and get it used to the sensation. Then you can use the pin side to tease out knots if necessary. When it is older you’ll get a slicker brush to give those knots in its fur a good go, but that should not be attempted on a puppy.
  • Nail clippers do not look like a necessary tool but best get it used to nail trimming while it is small. The nails are easier to trim now than later and then the dog may not be very happy with your efforts if it is not accustomed to it.

But That’s Not All!

All puppies are curious and Siberian Huskies are the champions. As they are also small and quick they can get into trouble even faster than a naughty kid. Not to mention getting hurt or eating unsuitable things that may poison or kill them. 

Before you bring the pup home for the first time you must look at the whole house and yard from a pup’s point of view – low down – and remove any hazards or valuables. Here are some tips about what to look for specifically:

  • Keep any chemicals, like cleaning supplies, behind locked cupboard doors, or stored up high. That includes soap, shampoo, bubble bath, shaving cream, shower gel – you get the picture.
  • Tie all electrical cords out of your puppy’s reach. Consider how high it can reach when it is standing on its hind legs. Think of lights, computers, chargers, etc.
  • Put everything valuable away. Cell phones, keys, wallets, and ornaments are great puppy chews. Keep it in drawers or on high shelves.
  • The best chew toys are shoes. If you don’t agree, prevent your puppy from getting it in the first place and keep it in a closet that a pup can not nose open. Needless to say, do not kick off your shoes in the lounge and leave them there. And remember, the puppy can not tell the difference between an old and a new shoe. Do not give it old shoes to chew on if you are not happy to have new ones chewed on as well.
  • Garbage cans must, must, must have lids. Trash cans in the house should be of the pedal bin kind. Food smells will attract your puppy, so be sure he can’t get in your trash.
  • House plants are interesting pieces of greenery for a pup. Keep them on high shelves and consider getting rid of the ones that are poisonous to dogs. Identify toxic plants in your garden and dig them out. There go the garden club cockades. Sorry.
  • The fence must be sturdy with no holes or any gaps where a puppy can squeeze through. As he grows older you are going to have to ensure that the fence is high enough so that he can not jump over, and does not offer any paw holds because Huskies can and do climb fences!

Final Word

Siberian Huskies are wonderful dogs. They are alert, friendly, gentle, intelligent, and outgoing. They are active and vocal and tons of fun. They will worm themselves into your heart and take over your life and you will be a better person.

Well, we hope so!

Happy Huskying!!!

Related Questions

Where can I buy a Siberian Husky puppy?

Start at your local Humane Society. Siberian Huskies are often abandoned at the puppy stage. Next, try the Siberian Husky Club of America (SHCA). They provide a local breeder and club directory.

How much is the Siberian Husky?

The purchase price of a Siberian Husky puppy is $500 to $1500+. Remember ongoing costs of food, grooming, veterinarian visits, training, and more.

How much are Seppala Siberian Husky puppies?

Seppala Kennels no longer offers Siberian Husky puppies for sale as their last year of major breeding activity was 2008.

What is the rarest color of Siberian Husky?

Pure white is the rarest Siberian Husky coat color.

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