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There’s this romantic notion to the idea of owning a wolf — and having one by your side as you explore the world and feed your need for wanderlust — which is perhaps why Siberian Husky puppies have become so popular in recent years.

Huskies’ wolfish looks alongside their loving nature makes these dogs basically the closest thing to a wolf without owning the real thing. These incredible dogs are as gentle as they are intelligent.

But what’s it like to own a Siberian Husky puppy? Here are 49 things you need to know before you get a Husky Pup.

1. They Have the Looks

If you’re considering owning a Husky pup the chances are you already know these creatures are very good looking.

When you’re looking for Siberian Husky puppies you should be aware of their natural appearance. Siberian Huskies will come in a variety of colors usually with white features on the paws, legs, and face.

2. Find a Healthy Coloring

In Huskies, Merle coloring (where their undercoat is whiter all over but with splashes of random dark patches) is not natural.

It can have serious health risks.

Instead look out for beautiful recognized colorings common to Siberian Huskies to find a healthy puppy that you know has coloring true to the breed.

3. Husky Eyes Freaking Change Color

Siberian Huskies are known for their distinct blue eye color, but their eyes can change color as they age.

Although blue eyes are very common in Siberian Huskies, most breeders will mention that at around 5-8 weeks old their eyes could settle into a gray or brown color instead of the blue you took them home with.

Either way, their eyes are super beautiful!

4. Sometimes Their Eyes Are Both Colors

Heterochromia – where one eye is blue and one brown – is fairly common in Huskies too, so you could end up with a puppy that has several eye colors.

5. That Look

It’s not just the color of their eyes that captivates potential Husky owners, it’s the intensity too.

Huskies are well known for their pensive look. When that pensive look turns into a dominant stare it might be time to consider training — your husky obviously thinks they are in charge and not you!

6. They’re High Energy Dogs

Even as puppies, Siberian Huskies are incredibly high energy dogs.

This makes sense given that the breed was originally meant for the arctic temperatures and harsh conditions of pulling sleds through northern Siberia.

Because of their breeding, Husky pups have a lot of energy.

Like, a lot.

7. They Need a Lot of Exercise

Most of your time is going to be spent trying to find ways to mentally and physically meet your Husky puppy’s exercise needs.

If you aren’t able to provide the physical stimulation your puppy needs you could run into behavioral issues in the future.

8.They Will Get Hyper

Known as “zoomies” to Husky owners, your puppy is at some point going to get so excited that they have an uncontrollable burst of energy.

While they run round and round and round and round your house with no signs of slowing down, you’ll need to find ways to calm down an over-excited husky.

Huskies’ energy and playful nature is part of what makes them so darn charming, but it’s also a task in itself.

9. They Never Get Tired

If you’re hoping to settle your Husky pup down by exhausting them, you’re fresh out of luck.

Huskies were made for running vast distances across snow and ice, something they achieve by altering the way their body processes fat.

10. Metabolism for Days

Nobody knows quite how Huskies can alter their body to process fats, but it’s the reason they can run 100 miles a day and also why your puppy seems full of boundless energy.

Bad news if you were hoping to settle your Husky Puppy down for the night but great new for the distance races that Huskies still run in today.

11. A Need for Speed

You can be a distance runner without being fast at it, but Siberian Huskies have both speed and longevity to their name.

Unleashed, Siberian Huskies can run nearly 30 MPH.

12. The Great (Cold) Outdoors

Siberian Huskies were originally bred in Siberia, one of the coldest and harshest environments on the planet.

This means your puppy is made for the great outdoors!

13. Surviving the Harshest Cold

With padded paws and super thick fur (a double coat!), your puppy can withstand temperatures of down to -75 degrees Fahrenheit, no problem.

14. Almond Eyes

Those beautiful, piercing and distinct Husky eyes that stare at you from afar are actually also designed for colder temperatures.

The almond shape of their eyes helps them squint, and keep snow out of their eyes.

15. The Fur Doesn’t Stop

Huskies are made to live in the snow. Watch them for long enough and you’ll see they wrap their tails around their faces when they sleep to warm themselves.

This is called the “Siberian Swirl”.

16. Warmer Climates

Siberian Huskies can survive in moderate temperature climates, but owners must adjust for their needs.

Most Huskies will require a lot of water (and AC) if they’re not in arctic conditions!

Their love of exercise also reduces in warmer climates simply because they tend to overheat.

17. Ancient History

Siberian Huskies are a super old breed! According to some, the breed we know as Siberian Husky could be as old as 27,000 years old.

18. Gold Rush

Siberian Huskies were originally imported into Canada during the gold rush, intended to be sled dogs.

19. Wartime Heroes

During WW1, Huskies were used to take supplies across Europe.  One story saw a supply chain that once took 2 weeks using men and horses reduced to just 96 hours because of huskies.

They were true wartime heroes!

20. Cuddles

Most Huskies love to cuddle as much as they love to play.

21. Other Pets

Huskies are perfectly capable of living with other smaller animals.

Because they are inquisitive and energetic you need to train them to make sure they don’t get over-excited and view smaller animals as prey.

22. They do Prey on Small Animals

Siberian Huskies were originally bred by the Chukchi people, hunter-gatherers in Siberia.

They have a super high drive to hunt prey because of where they were bred to survive.

If you don’t train your Husky they will struggle to get on with smaller animals (think hamsters and rabbits) because they’ll think of them as something to chase rather than a friend.

23. Living Space

Be prepared to have your house trashed! Huskies need a lot of space and can get into a lot of mischief when left alone indoors.

And in case you’re wondering, Huskies don’t make the best apartment dogs.

24. Escape Artists

You’ll never meet a Husky who isn’t also a serial escape artist.

You’ll quickly discover your pup can dig under, chew through, and jump over just about anything.

26. To be Honest, Sometimes They’re Homewreckers. Literally.

Be prepared to have everything you loved chewed, moved around, and destroyed.

27. Playful

Huskies loving, gentle and playful nature more than makes up for their mischievous side!

While many Siberian Huskies can be best described as docile they are mischievous when it suits them and that’s exactly what makes them so charming.

28. Loving

Siberian Huskies are renowned for their loving nature.

Because of this, they are also terrible guard dogs.

They’re more likely to kiss than kill an intruder!

29. Ignorance is Bliss

Known as independent thinkers, Husky pups can and will ignore your commands.

Don’t get a Husky if you want a dog who obeys your every word.

30. Empathetic

Siberian Huskies are incredibly sensitive to the moods of their owners — it’s what makes them such great companions!

31. Catching Your Tears

Some studies have also shown that Huskies show a response to human tears in particular — they just want to comfort you.

32. Off the Lead

With some training, Huskies can be let off the lead.

The key here is to address their intense prey drive. While Siberian Huskies can be let off the leash, many caution against this.

In insecure environments, it’s easy for them to quickly get into trouble chasing small animals.

33. Outdoors

Huskies are naturally inquisitive dogs so being alert while you’re out and about with your Husky will help you keep them out of too much trouble.

34. They Bark Howl

Rather than barking, Siberian Huskies prefer to howl.

Huskies can be heard from up to 10 miles away when they howl (and boy, do they howl!).

35. Singing

Put the right song on your stereo and your Siberian Husky might even try to sing along.

Huskies have an incredible range of vocalization when it comes to howling so don’t be surprised if they give singing a try.

36. They Throw Tantrums

Huskies are naturally a very vocal, communicative breed of dog. Read: Huskies throw tantrums.

37. Grooming

Apart from when they shed, you’ll find that Siberian Huskies need minimal grooming.

They don’t need regular baths like humans!

38. Brushing

While you shouldn’t over-bathe your puppy, regular brushing can help keep them in top condition.

39. Running

Baby, Huskies were born to run!

Their speed and agility is going to get them into trouble if you don’t watch them carefully, however.

40. Pulling Faces

When Huskies squint (or smile) this is actually a form of body language accepting you as the leader, but it makes for great photos of grinning Huskies.

41. Digging

Look, your Husky pup is going to want to dig and your brilliant landscape garden is going to suffer because of this.

Digging in the earth can help Huskies cool down on warmer days and can keep them warm on cold days, and so it’s just natural behavior for them.

If you don’t want your husky to dig there are ways to get them to stop, but most Husky owners will agree the best way to keep them happy is to give in.

Give them a dedicated space for digging and embrace their nature.

42. Jumping

You wouldn’t really think you’d need a 6ft+ fence for your small husky pup but this breed is full of jumpers.

Huskies are perfectly capable of bounding over fences, some even over 6ft tall ones, so properly securing your property is a must.

I repeat: Huskies are escape artists! Here are some ways to prepare for Husky jailbreaks.

43. Stubborn

Back to this ‘independent thinker’ vibe that Huskies give out — these pups are also super stubborn.

Don’t confuse willfulness for stupidity though!

Huskies are an intelligent breed — unfortunately, this along with their willful nature is what makes them a handful to train.

44. They Need a Pack Leader (You)

Huskies are bred to live in packs, so when it comes to domesticating them they still need a leader.

Remembering this can help you when you’re out and about with your pup. An alpha or pack leader literally leads the pack, so your puppy needs you to give them directions.

45. Shedding

Siberian Huskies are renowned for their shedding!

They actually only shed their undercoats twice a year but the shedding period can last as long as 3-6 weeks making for quite a mess.

This is known as “blowing their coat”.

46. Walking the Dog Really Means Being Walked by the Dog

You don’t take Huskies on a walk, they take you on a run.

Most owners will tell you they have to be trained to walk, especially when it comes to getting them to walk beside you.

Their passion for running and playful nature can make them a handful for first time dog-owners, especially during walks.

47. No Shoe is Safe

Or coat, or bed, or door, or sofa, or anything.

It will all be chewed.

48. Children

Huskies get along well with kids!

Because of their playful and energetic nature, most breeders agree they are best suited for older children.

49. They’re Not Actually Wolves

Huskies sure look like they’d be descendants of the regular wolf, but they’re no more related to wolves than any other dog breed.

50. They’re Not Malamutes

Siberian Huskies are sled dogs, just like Alaskan Malamutes, but the two breeds are actually very different.

The biggest difference owners notice is in their temperament.

Both are great dogs but Huskies are by far the gentler and friendlier breed.

You’re Ready

And, if you’ve read this entire list and are still thinking about getting a Siberian Husky puppy?

You’re probably ready for the delightful, playful and exciting adventure that awaits you when you own a Husky!

49 things to know before bringing a Husky puppy home

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