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The other day at the dog park, I realized that I’ve never seen a husky Husky puppy (thanks, I’ll be here all week). But that got me thinking, how much should you feed a Husky Puppy? I decided to do a bit of research into how much to feed a Husky puppy, and the results surprised me!

how much should I feed my Husky puppy

So, how much to feed a Husky puppy?

A Husky puppy should eat around 2 cups of food per day. You should also feed your Husky 3 times per day. The amount of food you should give your puppy will depend on their activity level and the brand of food.

Keeping these big dogs fit and healthy is all about what you feed them. But choosing a healthy diet for your Husky can be more difficult than you might expect.

Just for fun, here’s the difference between male and female Siberian Husky puppies when eating. #nomnomnom

How Much Should I Feed my Husky Puppy?

The amount of food you need to feed your Siberian Husky will change as they get older. Young puppies need small but frequent meals. As they get older, they will need more and more food.

Siberian Huskies are not big eaters. Unlike other large breeds, they do not have a massive appetite. Never force your Husky to eat – it will only distress them.

So how much should you feed your Husky pup as she grows?

2 Week Old Husky

A 2 week old puppy should still be with their mother. Dogs at this age need their mother’s milk to help them to grow.

If your dog doesn’t have a mother, consult with a vet to get an appropriate formula.

Remember that dogs at this age should not be living with only human contact. Separation at such a young age can cause serious behavioral problems.

3 Week Old Husky

At this age, your Husky should still be with their mother.

Make sure that they are gaining an appropriate amount of weight. Some underweight puppies may need formula as well as their mother’s milk.

4 Week Old Husky

At 4 weeks, your Husky can start to move on from their mother’s milk.

Mix a quarter of puppy food with three quarters water and allow them to try it. Remember that some dogs will still not be ready to wean at this point, so don’t force them.

5 Week Old Husky

At this age, you should give your puppy the chance to eat the puppy food and water mix 3 to 4 times per day.

It’s fine if your dog is not ready to move on completely. But your Husky puppy should be getting more interested in the new food at this age.

6 Week Old Husky

Your puppy should be eating the water and puppy food mixture at this point.

Once they are eating, decrease the amount of water in the mix. Three quarters food to a quarter water is the perfect quantity for your Husky.

Your puppy should be starting to rely on their mother’s milk less and less at this point.

7 Week Old Husky

Encourage your puppy to eat the food and water mixture three to four times per day. It’s normal for them to still try to nurse every now and again, so don’t be too worried if you notice this.

Milk should only be a very minor part of your dog’s diet at this age. Make sure the bulk of their calories are coming from food – not milk.

8 Week Old Husky

How much to feed an 8 week old Husky puppy?

At 8 weeks old, give your Husky puppy the chance to eat 3 times per day. Don’t worry if they don’t eat all their food.

Week 8 milestones:

  • Husky should be ready to leave their mother and go to their new home.
  • At this point you should take your dog to the vet for a check up. During this check, get advice from your vet about the ideal weight for your puppy.

9 Week Old Husky

At 9 weeks, your Husky will be surviving on puppy food alone.

They will need to eat at least 2-2.5 cups of food each day. Split these feedings over three sessions. This will encourage your puppy to develop a routine and encourage them to eat more.

10 Week Old Husky

Keep going with three meals per day at 10 weeks.

At this point you can work on learning your pup’s routine. Try to take them out after eating to encourage regular potty times.

11 Week Old Husky

You don’t need to change too much at this point, but pay attention to your dog’s weight.

Make sure that they are a healthy size, and take them to the vet if you have any concerns. They will be getting more active at this age and burn more calories each day!

12 Week Old Husky

This is the age when you can expect the dreaded teething to start!

Your dog may be less interested in food if their teeth are hurting. Be patient if they can’t eat quite as much. Keep feeding your dog three meals per day until they hit a year.

At 1, you can consider changing your pup’s feeding schedule to twice per day.

What Sort of Food Should I Give My Husky Puppy?

As active working dogs, your Siberian Husky needs lots of protein and calories. But there is one problem – Huskies don’t have the biggest appetites!

That means that the quality of the food you give your dog is very important.

Balanced commercial dog kibbles can be great, as long as they are of high quality. Make sure you always check the ingredients of the dog food you are giving your Husky.

The first ingredients should always be meat.

Low quality foods will use filler like corn to bulk out their foods. These fillers have little nutritional value, and some pups are even allergic!

Chronic itching, a dull coat, digestive problems or color changing fur are all signs of an allergy.

Some dogs can even be allergic to types of meat, so keep an eye on their condition whenever you change their food.

A raw diet works well for some dogs, but there is little conclusive research on feeding your dog a raw diet.

If you want to give your dog a homemade diet, consult with the vet first. Humans and dogs need different sorts of nutrients. Before you plan out your dog’s meals, research their specific dietary requirements.

Whatever diet you decide to feed your dog, ensure it is the best quality. Kibble, wet food, homemade food and a raw diet can all be part of a healthy diet.

Your Husky will feel the benefits!

I learned that an early investment in top quality food may add years to your Huskies life.

Husky puppies may not be the most ravenous eaters out there, so when they do eat, the meals should be of the highest quality possible. This goes double for sensitive young tummies!

In my travels for this article, I came across a study that explained a diet of fresh food can help extend your dog’s life up to 32 months vs. conventional dog food. So I thought, what really is the best dog food for a Husky puppy? 

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Picky eating Husky Puppies beware!

Kabo Fresh Recipes are highly palatable and tames even the most picky eaters – perfect for the notoriously picky Husky.  They have four different Fresh Food varieties and three Fresh Kibble varieties. These drool-worthy recipes include beef, turkey, lamb, chicken & duck/salmon varieties. 

Benefits your Husky Puppy can experience with Kabo Fresh Recipes:

  • Potential for extended lifespan of up to 30+ months* 
  • Healthier skin and a shiny coat
  • Tighter stools
  • Increased energy/vitality
  • Winning over picky eaters  
  • Allergy relief
  • Healthy microbiome

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Related Questions

How much should my Husky weigh?

Most male Huskies will be 44 and 60 pounds and female dogs will be closer to 35-51 pounds. Your Husky should hit their full size at around 1 year old.

How do I change my Husky to a new food?

It is important to give your dog their new food bit by bit. A fast change in food will often lead to diarrhea, an upset stomach, and other digestive problems. It should take a week to transfer your dog to new food. Start with their old food, and a quarter cup of new food. Change this ratio a little each day, until you are feeding them a full meal of new food.

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