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Best flea treatment for dogs

How to Get Rid of Fleas on Dogs: Best Flea Treatment for Dogs

You’ll find that there are a variety of flea prevention products. Topical products include Frontline and Advantage, while oral products also exist. These oral flea preventions tend to be faster acting and avoid the topical mess that can occur when you apply a product to your dog’s long fur coat, but they can have more […]

Best tug of war dog toy

Best Tug of War Dog Toy

If you have more than one dog, odds are you know a thing or two about the game of Tug of War! More often than not, they will use anything they can sink their teeth into for the game, and this includes shoes, slippers, socks, towels, couch cushions, throw rugs and more. When the instinct […]

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Best Low Protein Dog Food

Best Low Protein Dog Food for Liver Disease [db-review]

No one wants to hear that their loving companion has a life-threatening illness. Unfortunately for some of us, our four-legged friends have developed complicated conditions that are often fatal. One disease in dogs that is especially scary is liver disease. While not always fatal, the condition can lead your dog to suffer, and no one […]

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Best Canadian Dog Food [db-review]

Why Canadian Dog Food? Is it Better? Healthier? Safer? If you live in Canada it seems obvious that buying local should be both cheaper and patriotic (drum roll). But is it better, or safer? Brands of dog food that are global players and instantly recognizable, usually are very much in the public eye and, one […]

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Best Dog Food for Acid Reflux [db-review]