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The best dog food for Boxers is not the same for every dog. If you want to keep your Boxer safe, you have to account for their age and specific health needs.

Best Food for Boxers

#1 Dry Pick

Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream
1,094 Reviews
Taste of the Wild Pacific Stream

Best all-around dog food for healthy adult Boxers (but it’s also awesome for sensitive stomach and allergies). Real-world reviews from other Boxer parents:

  • “Just switched my Boxers to Taste of the Wild and the difference in their coats and overall health is night and day.”
  • “60ish lb boxer loves taste of the wild and this flavor. His coat is shiny! He is pretty much all muscle.”
  • “My picky Boxer with a sensitive stomach loves it!”

Best for Boxer Pups

Wellness Puppy Complete Health Natural
209 Reviews
Wellness Puppy Complete Health Natural

Congrats on your new Boxer puppy! Here’s what other Boxer pup parents are saying about Wellness Puppy:

  • “Will Not Feed My Boxer Puppy Anything Else”
  • “Great for my Boxer – he’s had very few episodes of diarrhea and lost of appetite.”
  • “Our Boxer girl loves here Wellness!”

#1 for Sensitive Stomach

Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach
2,761 Reviews
Purina Pro Plan Sensitive Stomach

These Boxers used to struggle with sensitive stomach…not anymore!

  • “I own a boxer who has VERY sensitive stomach and this dog food is one of the best foods we have tried.”
  • “Been using this dog food for a few years now. We have boxers and they tend to have delicate stomachs. They are doing well on this food. Having the larger bags delivered to the front door has been beyond convenient. GO PRIME!!”

Best for Boxer Gas

Wellness Complete Health
805 Reviews
Wellness Complete Health

Boxers have notoriously bad gas…but I don’t have to tell you that, do I?! This stuff does wonders for Boxer gas:

  • “Gas free home. Does not give my boxers gas…that is a very good thing! Most dog food gives my three boxers gas…this one does not.”
  • “No more gas! Boxers are known for being susceptible to gas. I’ve tried several top brands, but this one keeps my dog flatulance-free.”

#1 for Allergies

CRAVE Grain-Free
615 Reviews
CRAVE Grain-Free

“Finally a well made grain free food I can depend on. My dog has some pretty serious food allergies and we’ve never had a single issue with this brand. Does wonders for my dogs coat as well. He is a pit bull/boxer mix and had typically dry flaky skin and a dull looking coat because of it. This cleared it right up! No more flakes and you can see his coat shine from a mile away, happy dog.”

– Boxer parent & CRAVE customer