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Our faithful companions can be the source of terrible smells. When does it become a problem and what do we do about it? Is it as simple as changing his diet to another kind of dog food? If it is, what is the best dog food for flatulence?

Best Dog Food for Flatulence 2021

Our Pick

Victor Classic - Hi-Pro Plus

Almost nobody is talking about Victor, but it’s one of the best dog food brands for less flatulence (affordable, too!). Here’s what you can expect:

  • “Great stuff! I just switched my dog to this about a week ago, and he’s no longer flatulent, nor do his droppings reek quite so much. He’s also stopped trying to eat turds, so yeah, this stuff is great!”
  • “The biggest thing I notice is their flatulence is significantly reduced!

Upgrade Pick

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet (LID)

This is one of the best dog foods you can buy for any dog for any reason, period. But does it work for anti-gas? Here’s what real-world Natural Balance feeders are saying:

  • “Dog’s terrible flatulence is gone. No regurgitation either.”
  • “Our dog had flatulence problem with other brands. Its almost gone within 3 days and been great ever since. It’s almost 6 months now.”