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They aren’t known for biting, so you wouldn’t expect the French Bulldog bite force to be high. Though they occasionally bite during playtime, French Bulldogs aren’t aggressive dogs. As one of the gentler Bulldog breeds, they make wonderful family-friendly companions.

What is a French Bulldog’s Bite Force?

So what is a French Bulldog’s bite force? French Bulldogs have an estimated bite force pressure of 180 to 230 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch).

Note: This test was conducted by measuring similar-sized dog breeds, due to the lack of bite force testing performed on French Bulldogs. Even so, there is evidence that this estimated bite force is closely related to a French Bulldog and this involves getting to know your Frenchie’s temperament.

How Strong Can a French Bulldog Bite?

French Bulldogs are intelligent breeds that often have couch potato aspects embedded into their personalities.

Do French Bulldogs bite hard?

Known as a calm breed, Frenchies aren’t ones to be hostile and would mostly bite around during playtime. Even so, a bulldog’s bite even from one as small as a Frenchie can be dangerous if not controlled.

Because French Bulldogs are small, there aren’t many studies performed on their bite force capability.

(They usually save those tests for larger dog breeds.)

A French Bulldog owner has taken the liberty of conducting his own research to estimate a French Bulldog’s bite force by analyzing the bite pressures of dog breeds with a similar size as a Frenchie.

The accuracy that comes with studies on dog bite pressures aren’t always accurate as measuring their PSI’s can be difficult. The number depends on what a dog is biting down on, its mood, and its personality and character.

Are French Bulldogs Aggressive?

are French Bulldogs aggressive?

French Bulldogs are sweet and gentle, but they have their own form of aggression.

Just like any other dog breed, Frenchies have their own levels of aggression in their temperament ever since they were domesticated to assist in hunting and protection.

French Bulldogs usually display their aggression during play time. If you can call that aggression. 😉

They naturally have their own naughty and playful side, but their play times are usually short lived because French Bulldogs prefer to sleep every opportunity they can get.

Puppy Frenchies show much more playful aggression (due to their childlike characteristics) than adults. This makes them more likely to get in trouble from their young burst of energy. French Bulldog puppies also exhibit more temper tantrums and outbursts, unless disciplined properly at an early age.

French Bulldogs also exhibit minor forms of aggression through growling or barking when experiencing negative emotions such as jealousy or when threatened or provoked.

Temperament Differences Between Male and Female French Bulldogs

French Bulldogs are intelligent dog breeds, despite being couch potatoes.

They are capable of adapting to various environments and have excellent intuition that easily allows them to be empathetic towards both dogs and humans, which makes them ideal family pets.

Here are some significant differences between male and female French Bulldogs personalities:


  • Wilder and rowdier 
  • Assertive 
  • Playful 
  • Stubborn, takes longer to be trained.


  • Quick to aggression, nippy
  • Timid
  • Affectionate
  • Docile

Both male and female Frenchies share the same general aspects of a French Bulldog, but its gender plays a role in their temperament personality. Getting to know the differences in a Frenchie Bulldog’s temperament based on their gender can greatly help you understand your pet better.

Avoiding Aggression in French Bulldogs

Dog aggression is often due to these three factors:

  1. Trauma
  2. Lack of socialization during younger age development
  3. Careless breeding

Not all Frenchies are automatically gentle. Some do display a lack of energy or aggression when touched or interacted with.

To understand what contributes to the three main factors of aggression, it is vital that we also learn how to avoid these factors in order to ensure that your Frenchie knows how to properly interact with others the right way.

1. Trauma

Trauma is usually the root cause of a dog’s negative behavior. French Bulldogs that resort to aggression often experienced traumatic events that may include abuse and neglect caused by other people which in turn can lead to dogs feeling severe forms of fear and agitation.

Frenchies that have experienced trauma due to mistreatment are more likely to respond with growling or biting out of fear of being harmed.

2. Lack of Socialization

Lack of basic social skills in dogs are often the cause of limited exposure from other dogs or humans, or also from negative experiences from socializing with them.

Socializing with other dogs helps French Bulldogs to easily understand good mannerisms that matches with the ideal temperament suited for its breed.

Because Frenchies get tired very easily, constantly staying awake out of fear from an unfamiliar environment can deter its sleep quality. A good way to help it gain exposure is by regularly socializing it with other dogs and interacting it with other people at a young age.

3. Careless Breeding

Breeding French Bulldogs is not an easy job as they are an expensive breed to take care of due to their extensive ways of reproduction. Due to the increase of popularity in owning a Frenchie also means that there are also irresponsible breeders looking to make a quick buck by carelessly inbreeding breeds.

Frenchies need to undergo artificial insemination.

Due to their small hips, they would also require c-sections as natural reproduction can be difficult. Not only that, French Bulldogs are also known for their list of health issues, making them a full time job to take care of as puppies.

Many puppy mill Frenchies are traumatized by fear of their environment.

Should You be Worried About Your Frenchie Biting You?

No. Unless you see recurring biting patterns.

At most, biting in dogs is often the cause of aggression related through different factors of trauma and negative experiences that may have embedded into its personality. Ensuring that your puppy does not incorporate bad behaviors by disciplining it properly.

Control its biting tendencies during play time as to prevent it from biting excessively outside of play time that can contribute to a destructive personality. Just like other dogs, fear is the root of all aggression that lead to unwanted biting incidents.

French Bulldogs are extremely lovable canines when brought up correctly. With the right environment and training, taking care of a Frenchie is a breeze!

Related Questions

What if I get bitten by my own Frenchie?

As the owner, it is important to remain calm and refrain from exhibiting reactions that may otherwise cause fear into your dog. Your own safety is important and this includes washing up any potential wounds that may have occurred during the bite. If your French Bulldog has already had all of its shots (including rabies), then assessing the situation on factors involving whether it thought it was a playful act, if the environment felt hostile to it, or if it is injured, etc. Depending on the factors, it is vital that your French Bulldog has already received all of its necessary shots. If not, a trip to the vet would be needed if your Frenchie remains aggressive.

Other than that, proper disciplinary actions towards your Frenchie may be needed to ensure that it learns that biting is an act that is frowned upon.

What if another dog bites my French Bulldog?

If your Frenchie was involved in a fight with another dog, it can be difficult to identify the severity of its injuries as its wounds may be hidden under its fur coat. Small wounds that are punctured into the skin are healed fast and are easily overlooked. However, it is often best to bring your Frenchie to a vet, especially if it has been in a fight with a sickly looking animal and most importantly, if it looks severely injured. No deep injuries should be self medicated without the right medications as this could potentially risk your French Bulldog’s life.

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